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Before You Pick A Bird

Know The Size

Check whether your available space is enough to accommodate a large bird. Also, don’t forget the fact that the bigger the bird, the bigger will be its claws!

The Sound

Some varieties of pet birds are louder than others. It is better not to choose a loud bird as it might be a disturbance for your neighbors.

Starter Birds To Look At

Pionus Parrot

The combination of their outgoing personality and larger size, in addition to their tendency to bond with entire families, makes this small parrot a good pet for families with young children.


Lovebirds are very quiet, curious, energetic, and playful birds that love to explore.

Benefits Of Birding

Social Interaction

Keeping pet birds can help to encourage social interaction both with other bird owners and with your birds themselves.

Sharp Your Mind

Teaching your bird some tricks will help to keep your mind sharp as well as providing some enrichment for your little feathered friend.

About us

Ashton Christie Ornithologist, the Founder of the Community
We’re here to help you find the perfect bird to suit your home, your family and your lifestyle. This guide provides useful tips about caring for pet birds. For detailed information about a specific bird species consult our specialists.

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