7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Bird

Birds are naturally messy.

No matter what the size or species, birds are messy, and this is an indisputable fact. Not only will food be dropped inside their cages, but most birds delight in tossing food between the bars of their cages and onto the floor below, particularly after you have just washed it. Also, droppings will be scattered everywhere, including on the cage itself, the floor, and the walls. Fortunately, cleaning up around a bird's cage can be done quickly and efficiently using a vacuum or a broom.

Birds are noisy.

Another undeniable fact is that birds are noisy. While some birds, like canaries, create lovely music when they vocalize, others definitely do not. Some species create quite a ruckus—screaming and squawking loudly for several minutes or up to 10 to 30 minutes at a time. Decide just how much vocalization your nerves can tolerate when selecting which species of bird you want.

Birds will chew anything.

All pet birds will chew on whatever they can get their beaks into—this includes food, wood, cardboard, paper, plants, plastic, fabric, and woodwork—but there's a reason for this. A bird's beak grows continuously throughout its life and must be worn down or trimmed in order to prevent overgrowth. Thus a bird's chewing is really self-maintenance. Besides creating messes, the frequent chewing can lead to the destruction of valuable items such as furniture, etc. The solution is to provide your pet bird with a variety of safe and fun toys to tear into and destroy to his or her heart's content.

Birds molt and produce feather dust.

Molting is a natural process whereby a bird sheds it's old feathers and grows new ones. This can go on for a while and as a result, there will be plenty of feathers strewn about on the floor beneath the cage and floating in the air. When the new feathers are coming in, dust is produced, and there can be quite a bit of it that covers the floor, cage, and surroundings.

Birds need specialized diets.

If you want to keep your pet bird healthy and happy, you should make sure to give it a helping of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Aside from the obvious fact of providing excellent nutrition, this will enable your bird to experience different tastes and textures, which will help to stimulate its mind.

Birds will bite.

While they certainly are not overly aggressive about it, birds will bite anyone, including their owners. Many bird owners have had their nose, ears, or

Birds need socialization.

While domesticated animals such as cats and dogs will generally remain tame even if their owners don't have much time to spend with them, birds are wild and need to be handled and socialized often to remain tame.

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